(Jeff Crawford ‘86, Orsi Crawford, Rich Webster, Kim Kenne, Kris Anne Gitlin, Mike Gitlin)

“We wanted to get together and support Peter and have this be dramatic,” says Trustee Mike Gitlin. “This is not just a regular campaign, but an opportunity to honor Peter’s 40 years at Flintridge Prep.”

To that end, three trustees have created a $1.5 million Trustee Challenge to help build the Bachmann Collaboration Building in 2020. The Trustee Challenge provides the Prep community with a historic opportunity to make a special gift in honor of Peter Bachmann—and see it doubled!

Any new gifts and pledges made after April 1, 2019, in honor of Peter Bachmann and directed to the Bachmann Collaboration Building will be matched, up to a total of $1.5 million. In order to qualify for the match, donors must first make a gift at any time during the fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30. After making an initial Annual Fund gift, you can make multiple incremental gifts to the building and have them matched.

Trustee Jeff Crawford ’86 has had a catbird seat at Prep to witness Bachmann’s effect on the school; they started at Prep at about the same time. “Peter has done an absolutely fabulous job with the school over all these years. We’re so proud of what he’s done for Prep, and we’re here to recognize his achievements and his retirement,” he says.

His fellow trustee, Rich Webster, agrees. “Peter is a visionary, developing Prep into one of the top schools in America, while at the same time making it a very community-oriented place.”

Three categories of the Prep community (alumni, current parents and past parents) are included in the match. National Campaign Co-Chairs Crawford and his wife, Orsi, are joining Gitlin and his wife, Kris Anne, and Webster and his wife, Kim Kenne.

Each couple will match gifts, up to a total of $500,000, in specific donor categories. The Crawfords will match gifts from alumni, the Gitlins will match gifts from current parents and Kenne and Webster will match gifts from parents of alumni.

“Peter’s leadership and vision are unparalleled. And it’s just amazing how far he has taken Prep, to be one of the top independent schools in the country,” says Orsi. Explains Kris Anne, “We were motivated by gratitude. We’re so fortunate to have sent our children to this wonderful school. We’re all grateful for the education they’re getting and the experiences they’re having. It’s changed our lives and changed their lives, and our children are better people for having had the opportunity to be at Prep.”

“Peter has always expressed a vision of Prep that isn’t just about academic achievement, isn’t just about athletic achievement, but really is about a community, about a family atmosphere,” says Kenne. “And I know our kids still keep in touch with their friends from Prep, even as they’ve gone to college and beyond college, and so they still have that feeling.” “I urge people to support this project, because the building itself is going to be a very symbolic cornerstone of the 21st century at Prep,” says Webster.

“For all the alumni out there, if you were ever going to give to Flintridge Prep, this is the perfect time to give back to the school to thank Peter for all of his years of service. An opportunity to make a gift like this comes once in a lifetime,” says Crawford. “This is the time to make an extraordinary gift in honor of an extraordinary leader. He’s taken the school to the next level. We want to put Peter’s name on the Collaboration Building so that future generations can see it.”

Click here to learn more about the Trustee Challenge on our campaign website.

April 12, 2019